Diamond Gladney
Noah Gamper, Shamim Rahman, and Alex Eusman: Wish Myth Webpage

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Poem (Darius Johnson) and graphic (Candace Hood) depicting, "Land of Oppurtunity," myth
aplang myhology.docx
Shaitia's Project on Myths and Meditation- Newspaper on What Meditation really is

TiTaiyonna Dew-Essay on history books

Eugene Schnell and Kelly Khare: Myth of the Four Leaf Clover

Xavier Stewart and Stelios Mastoras- Power point on the myth of ties

Maria Cedillo American Dream: Peoples perception of the american dream and the affects that come from it
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India Hamilton and Jaela Clark - An Analytic essay on Karma

Keith Davenport - A detailed powerpoint about the concept of prayer and its effects on common people's everyday life.

Arana Harkness
"Artists Only: Art as a Myth" - This is about the idea of "art" (not art itself) and how it influences artists' development (& the lives of non-artists, to some smaller degree)
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Mayah Dunstan and Juliet Bishop a powerpoint and explanation about the various myths associated with the stars throughout time

Cortney DuBois An analytical essay: A mother's kisses- an essay evaluating how the childhood myth of mother's kisses make it all better extends into adulthood and the affects it creates throughout life.

Victoria Jennings
Evan Smith
Christian America Poster:
An image and play on the Pledge of Allegiance evaluating the myth that the United States of America was founded in, and is sustained by, the Christian faith.
Flag US 081.JPG

Antoine Johns analytic on The myth of the American action hero in cinema

Lucas Manes and Will Snyder Poster (pages of Poster): Racism in Great Britain

Brooks Gearhart and Julian Brown with the Santa Claus Myth...I hope the upload is here! I posted it. It is labeled "poster"poster.jpg

BT Rappaport (Power Point): Mythic Functions of Fasting- A power point expressing the significance/ meaning and possible consequences fasting has in the lives of people who fast for spiritual, medical/health, and political reasons.

Tucker Chapin & Jack "Da Boss" Mountain: The Myth of Santa Claus -- A discussion of the importance of Santa Claus
A Fantastic News Paper Article by David Wentworth

Malik Jackson (essay) ; Myth of [[#|Academic]] Excellence: An essay on why students strive to perform academically in school.

Anthony Sartori, Dara wais, and rachel baldwin; Myth of Holy Communion- A poster board displaying why the Holy Communion is considered to be a myth. photo.JPG