Current Grade Report
Grade Codes: Any grade of zero denotes a missing assignment; "col" = collected (grading in progress); "Ex" = Exempt; "M" = Missing; "L" = Late. Any comments of greater detail will be communicated with the student in person or via email.

Notes on reading grade reports:
  • If a cell is marked with a zero, then I am confident that the assignment is definitely missing. Contact me immediately if I am in error.
  • If a cell has an incorrect score, contact me immediately with the correct score and have the graded assignment ready to show me the following school day.
  • If a cell is blank for you, but has a grade for some other students, then it has not been marked as missing. I simply am not done grading that particular assignment.
  • If a cell is blank for everyone, then it has not been marked missing. I just haven't gotten to that assignment yet.

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