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For Sochi!

I found this funny because of the relation of Russia's strictness and dictator-like government to the autocracy in the hunger games. Because Russia is hosting the games this year, and the games in the hunger games were held under a similar type of state, it makes you laugh. In short, its funny because Putin and Communist Russia resemble the dictatorship portrayed in the Hunger Games. Also, Putin's face is amusing.

-Karam Lyons Period 5

This is probably one of the most offensive photos on the internet. I have found 9 different types of nerds that are offended. This is an outrage!! .... But it is funny... because it's so offensive, but not really because I'm clearly overreacting. (I found another reason it is funny!) The implied reaction of the fans offended is funny because it means so much to them when it isn't a big enough deal to freak out over. I hope you were offended by this -- meaning I hope you're a fan of at least 6 of these 9 epic stories/ movies/ tv shows/ amazing people.

-- Jaelyn Moses Period 7 (Cumbercookie for life)